Types of Services

The following page gives a detailed list of the bank products offered, along with the Tax Preparation and other services for which the Taxpayer can be charged a fee. This program has been enhanced to provide several billing options. You can make copies of this page for your office staff for quick reference. For detailed instructions on setting up billing and entering fees into the program, please refer to Chapter 2.

Tax Preparation
A fee is normally charged for preparing the Tax Return for the Taxpayer. This fee is automatically deducted from the Taxpayer’s refund, when applicable. Be sure your information is entered on page 2 of the Return, and sign and date the return if you are a Paid Preparer. If you are only assisting the Taxpayer with entering the data into the computer and not signing the return as a Paid Preparer, the Taxpayer cannot be charged a Tax Preparation fee.

Electronic Filing
A fee may be charged when the Taxpayer’s tax return is electronically filed with both the IRS and state taxing agency. Some banks do not allow an electronic filing fee to be charged when a Taxpayer is purchasing a bank product. The Taxpayer must electronically file their return to receive a bank product. Also, electronic filing typically provides a faster refund. If the Taxpayer chooses to do a paper return, it may be several weeks before their refund will be available.

Protection Plus
A fee will be charged when the Taxpayer chooses to purchase Protection Plus, an audit protection product offered by an independent company made available directly through the software.

RAC (Refund Anticipation Check)
The Taxpayer should receive their check from you in two to four weeks.

RAC Direct Deposit
The Taxpayer’s refund will be sent directly to their bank account. You will NOT print a check for the Taxpayer.

Direct Deposit of Refund
The Taxpayer should receive a direct deposit of their refund into their bank account in two to four weeks. The customer must pay any fees due in advance of filing the return electronically.

Paper Check
The IRS will mail a check to the Taxpayer’s home in two to four weeks. The customer must pay any fees due in advance of filing the return electronically.