Presenting the Check to the Taxpayer

  1. The Taxpayer must present their Photo Identification to pick up the check. This is the case even if you saw the ID before, and you remember the Taxpayer. DO NOT GIVE A CHECK TO ANYONE EXCEPT THE TAXPAYER, OR THE TAXPAYER’S SPOUSE IF THEY FILED A JOINT RETURN.
  2. If a Bank Product has been requested, write the Check Number on the bottom of the Bank Application and have the Taxpayer date and sign that he or she received the check.
  3. This is your last opportunity to get the Taxpayer’s Signature on every required form. Check one more time to be sure this is completed.

Note: If a Taxpayer does not receive their entire expected Refund, he or she needs to call the Treasury Department at 800-304-3107 if a letter has been received by the Taxpayer from the IRS indicating the shortage is for a repayment of debt to a government agency. If the Taxpayer did not receive a letter, the Taxpayer needs to contact the bank to determine why the entire Refund was not paid.