Daily Things to Do

  1. The Transmitting/Main Computer should transmit to Central Site at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. If you are operating a system with Non-Transmitting
    Computers, set up a regular schedule for transferring and retrieving data to and from the Non-Transmitting and Transmitting Computers. If you are operating as a Multi-Office Organization or a Service Bureau, set up a regular schedule for transmitting by the Remote Computer(s) to the Main Computer via Central Site. See Chapter 2 under Communications Setup in the Manual to enable automatic scheduling.
  2. Check the Work In Progress Summary (WIP) screen for New Items:
    1. Checks to be printed-The Check Ready by Site Report provides a list of all Taxpayers whose checks are ready with their phone numbers.
    2. IRS Rejects-Correct Return(s) and contact Taxpayer(s) if necessary.
    3. Software Updates-Apply all software updates to both Transmitting and Non-Transmitting Computers, and contact Technical Support immediately if you have any problems.
    4. Bulletins-Read Bulletins regularly in case they apply to you or your Taxpayers.